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Lelo luna beads a girls bestfriend.


Lelo’s Luna beds


A great choice for beginners, Lelo’s Luna Pleasure Bead System provides you with an effective kegel workout that helps build up muscle tone
and increases the intensity of your orgasms.
The balls also deliver serious pleasure during wear.

Developed as an easy-to-use  alternative to traditional Ben Wa balls,
Luna beads helps increase your pelvic floor muscles strength – and the intensity of your orgasm- over time.

Start with the 2 lighter balls (28g each) and progress to the 2 weightier balls (37g each) when ready to advance your training. Wear the balls with or without the silicone holder, which features a pull cord for easy removal.

If you are new to Kegel exercise, have experienced childbirth, or are over 30, opt for the lighter ball duo. Then, once you have built up experience, a more intense workout is yours with the heavier pair.728387p_alt2

Hot tip:
Coat the balls with your favourite water based  lube for easier insertion

Key Features:

  • Perfect training set for begininers
  • Includes 2 x 28g Luna Beads and 2 x 37g weighted balls and a silicone bead holder with a pull cord included for easy removal
  • Great for those looking to strengthen their pelvic floor and vaginal fitness to intensify orgasms
  • Super-discreet -use at home or out and about!
  • Comes with a satin carry case.

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Glass Toys dildos

Why you should have at least one Glass toy in your collection!

Glass toys are a great way to experiment with temperature play, couples wanting to use toys together and anyone with sensitive skin.

31EWRPAAghL._AC_UL320_SR214,320_ Glass toys are incredibly  sturdy and shatter proof.icicles-no-48-flowered-glass-butt-plug-pink-3ee
They are also incredibly hygienic and easily cleaned and stored.

Test out temperature play
Run the toy under warm water or place it in the microwave to heat things up,
Chill  under cold water or put it in the freezer for a cool sensation.

Use with a “friend”
Since the glass is completely body safe and nonporous it wont hold bacteria.
Simply wipe down with an antibacterial wipe/cloth or wash it with soap water.
You can clean the toy how ever you see fit without causing any damage.

Glass is great for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies.
They come in many shapes, forms and sizes.
Butt plugs, wands and dildos are the most popular.








Move over we-vibe – Tryst by Doc johnson

Competition time again!!
















Perfect stroke






Lelo Mia 2- lipstick vibe

Small, powerful and discreet.

The Lelo Mia 2 728458p
This incredibly discreet and beautiful toy is perfect for cheeky nights out and weekends away.
The slim “Lipstick” design is perfect for popping in your purse without it looking out of place.

6 Powerful vibrating settings
Ultra-smooth Glossy ABS
Fully waterproof up to 1 meter

Built in USB rechargeable
1 year warranty


LELO-Mia2-petal-pink-lipstick-vibrator_grande (1)


Can you keep a secret?
For women who aren’t afraid to indulge their deepest desires, MIA 2 allows you to be
spontaneous yet desreet wherever you go




728458p_alt4 (1)



The perfect way to keep your pleasure truly to yourself,
the USB-rechargeable MIA™ 2 massager possesses hidden power
and looks perfectly at home in your purse or bedside drawer.

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Cock rings – What do they do?

You don’t have to be kinky to use a cock ring. Maybe it is time to break the usual routine? For something that is inexpensive, easy to obtain and might bring a little diversity to your sexual experience put this item at the top of your ‘to-do’ list. It can be used as an accessory, bondage, S & M, for erectile dysfunction, for a different sensation during masturbation or just to be-dazzle your soldier as it stands to attention.

What is a cock ring?

You may also refer to a cock ring as a erection ring, penis ring, love ring or the O ring.

A cock ring is a constrictive ring that is placed around the penis, generally at the base of the shaft. It is an accessory to  enhance and extend the life of your erection by slowing the flow of blood, in no way should this completely stop the flow of blood. The cock ring helps to produce the erection that is harder than ever.

There are a few variations of a cock ring;Single Stretchy Silicone Cock Ring

  • the single ring for just around the penis.
  • the larger single ring for around both the penis and scrotum together.
  • the double ring, in the shape of a figure ‘8’, one ring for the penis and one ring for the scrotum.
  • the triple ring chamber or the triple crown, for someone wanting to go that step further. The largest ring fits around both the penis and scrotum, the middle sized ring for the balls and the third ring for the penis.
  • the vibrating ring for couples enjoyment, with either one or two motors, for either men on men or men on women. Transforming your erection into a vibrating stimulator. And to arouse the woman’s clitoris for her enhanced orgasmic pleasure in missionary, cow-girl or turned upside down in doggy style. If you wear it upside down it may have benefits of stimulating the testes and / or the perineum of men.

Some of the different materials you can find used for cock rings are silicone, leather, rubber, nylon, metals such as chrome, plastic and glass. With so many variations, which to choose? For first time users silicone is recommended being the most hygienic an flexible for greater comfort.

How to use a cock ring?

It is best to put on when semi-hard and as the penis becomes larger and harder the ring becomes tighter slowing the blood flow from leaving the penis, extending the life of the erection, giving you a harder hard-on. You can use a cock ring once the penis is fully erect, slide the cock ring over the shaft of the penis, you may want to use lubricant to dissolve any discomfort. Or put on while flaccid start stoking and see what happens. Ensure it is not pinching, they should fit snugly and feel comfortable.

It is also beneficial to use a cock ring in conjunction with a penis pump to get the grandest erection possible, if you opt for using the penis pump the cock ring must be in place prior to using the penis pump.

Why use a cock ring?

Primarily use a cock ring if you are wanting to prolong your erection. In some cases it has been proven to prolong premature ejaculation.

If you are someone who enjoys the extreme engorgement, tightening sensation or someone firmly holding your balls / scrotum during sexual intercourse this will be a wonderful addition to your sexual experience and enhance orgasmic responsiveness.

Handy tip #1 – If you don’t have a cock ring on hand, while wearing a condom cut the tip and roll it down your shaft for a DIY home made gem.

Handy tip #2 – Use a cock ring as a stopper on other toys to turn them in to anal pleasure’s.

Introducing a foreign object to the bedroom can be arousing just in itself, spice it up with this new little addition.

Health and Hygiene – Do not wear cock rings for extended periods of time, generally no longer than 20-30 minutes. Refrain from using illicit drugs or penis stimulant medication. Do not fall asleep wearing a cock ring. If the penis is in pain, becomes numb or cold it is a sign , take it off. If you are on blood-thinning medication or have cardiovascular problems consult a physician prior to using a cock ring. Any of these actions or symptoms can be particularly dangerous and can result in temporary / permanent nerve damage, gangrene of the penis or even penile amputation.