Erotic Novels- My honest opinion

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Erotic Novels have been around long before “Fifty shades of grey”.


Nothing gets me in the mood more than a good old Erotic novel, every woman/man should read at least one Book in their life time. Promise you’ll be hooked, Erotica is the romantics porn. There is something so different about reading Erotica rather […]

Adult store courtesy- Do’s & Don’ts

Lets talk Etiquette.


After working in the Adult retail Industry on and off for the past 6 years, I have seen many things and heard every pick-up line in the book. Good thing i absolutely love the industry and wouldn’t ever dream of leaving.

I have seen some crazy things the good and bad, […]

How to care for and clean your Adult toys.

Hygiene is the utter most important aspect of using adult toys on either yourself or with a partner!

So you’ve just bought yourself a new toy and boy it wasn’t cheap, obviously you want to care for it and yourself? Did you know without the right care and use, adult toys can become a […]

Christmas wish list- Guide to the perfect Gift this year.

Christmas is just around the corner, treat your love to something pleasurable.

The gift that keeps on giving all year round, ADULT TOYS!!

Put down those sock and Christmas sweater’s, treat your lover to something that will not only please them but you too! Treating your partner to an Adult toy is not only exciting […]

Unik Rabbit- The Rabbit vibrator gets a facelift.

Introducing your new bestfriend, The Unik Rabbit !!

Rabbit vibrators have been around for many years and have been a huge hit in the bedroom and on the big screen. Rabbit vibes got their 5 minutes of fame on the iconic episode of “Sex and the city” where Charlotte became addicted to her rabbit vibe.


How to get her in the mood

How to get her in the mood & give her the big “O”


The most asked question i hear at work is “How do i get my girl in the mood & make her climax?” Well being a female myself, feel like i have a good knowledge on how we work. I am sorry […]

New Years Bang Give Aways

HOT TIP 101:

LELO Celebrates Sapphire Anniversary of TIANI™



LELO this week celebrated the five year anniversary of the launch of the iconic and world-beating TIANI™ range of couples’ massagers.

Internationally acclaimed by publications such as Maxim, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health and Vogue, TIANI™ took the world by storm on its release half a decade ago, and during its long history […]


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