B Swish Bfilled- Vibrating Remote Controlled Butt Plug



Control your desires with this remote control vibrating butt plug called Bfilled by B Swish.

Bfilled features a tapered tip which makes this butt plug perfect for beginners.
Gently ease this petite butt plug into your back door and start playing the wireless remote control for impressive pleasure.

Flick through five powerful functions using the remote or hand it over to your partner for unexpected pleasure.

This vibrating butt plug is made from body safe PU coasted ABS plastic and can be used during underwater activities or a raunchy shower
(just leave the remote out of the water).

Plus, the ergonomically designed, wireless remote is lit up by a white light, for easy play in the dark! Available in black, rose and blue.
Length: 3.6cm (Girth) x 10.16cm (Insertable)
Material: PU coated ABS plastic
Waterproof: Yes (remote is not)
Power: Battery operated (4 x AAA batteries)
Intuitive button-touch functionality
Remote control operated

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