Satisfyer Pro Penguin a must try toy

Satisfyer Pro Penguin

I remember when The “Penguin” first came into store, I had been eyeing it off but never purchased it.
I was graciously gifted the device for my Birthday and was eager to get home and test it out.satisfyer-pro-2_2_
I have always been curious of these “suction type” Toys.

The Pro Penguin made by Satisfyer, is a suction adult toy.

It is a non-vibrating air-pulsation device and is designed to be used on the clitoris.
The Penguin is waterproof, rechargeable and has 11 different programs (intensity’s)
Made from ABS plastic and body safe silicone.
Full charge takes 3 hours and will give you 2 hours of play time.

So… Lets get into how this toy went down…large_5-2
At first it can be a little tricky to figure out where to place the toy.
But after some practice (took me 3 times) its easy and well worth the confusion at the start.
The instructions suggest to spread the labia and place the opening of the toy directly over the clitoris, then switch on the device.
Simple enough and comes at ease after a few go’s.
It is so hard to explain the sensation, it is like nothing i have ever felt before.. In a VERY good way.
At first i was sceptical, I mean i have never us
ed anything that doesn’t vibrate or move before….large_6
What could this toy really do for me?
BOY was i pleasantly surprised!!!
It has definitely become a go to toy and its going to take something seriously special to beat the Penguin.

I rate this toy 11/10

Even if you don’t want to climax the toy is just amazing to play with as a warm up before sex.
All in all this toy delivers satisfaction from start to finish.

(07) 54506922







Perfect Pleasure & The Elysium Vibrator

Elysium by definition:  sensations of pleasure and joyous bliss mmmmmm….

This gorgeous 4″ G Vibrator from NMC (known for quality products) packs a lot of pleasure into a petite silicone package.

Easy to use – push button control.
Press once to initiate deeply intense vibrations, continue pressing to advance through three speeds low high & medium and 7 versatile patterns and pulsations…
Led lighting enhances the controls pulsating to the chosen beats..
The Elysium Vibrator is made from high quality body safe softly rippled silicone with an upward curved tip for precise clitoral and or g-spot stimulation.
Serving up perfect sensations to savor for a satisfyingly blissful experience.

Sex toy rechargable vibrator g-spotelysium-pinkelysium1



High quality body-safe Silicone

Fully Rechargeable

Included USB Charging Cable

Available in a variety of beautiful soft pastel colours.









Mega masturbator- Fuck me silly 2

The only girl who is already ready and eager to please you!

Put down you hands and welcome this busty beauty into your life, you won’t regret it.Fuck her breast's, ass or vagina
Pipedream have a wide range of “Mega masturbator’s” on the market, ranging from anal, feet, boobs, penis and vaginal.

The “Fuck me silly 2” is by far the best out of the range.
Whatever your heart desires she is always ready to please you.
Fancy some anal tonight? Lube her up and beat her senseless with your throbbing erection.

Large masturbator’s are a great way to stamina train and test your skills before the real deal.

So what can you expect in your package?
Pipedream have thrown in a handy travel size toy cleaner for your convenience.
The DD’d Curvy babe is made from the most realistic feeling “Fanta flesh” which will warm up with every thrust
3 places to  stick your member : Breast, vagina & ass.
Cum where ever you please, she wants you to coat her.

Once finished, clean her up and rub her down with some “Renewing powder” to keep her from going sticky.s-l300-1
Slip her under the bed or in your cupboard until you need her next.
She is the perfect girlfriend

NOTE: Both the pussy and ass openings connect to the same canal, which is approximately 7″ long. The walls of the tunnel are extremely tight and stretchy because the Fanta-Flesh mimics the most realistic experience ever. The channels aren’t very wide at all when you first start out – but with just a few uses, the elasticity will increase.
Use plenty of Moist Body Lotion to help ease entry. Both passages connect to the drain hole on the backside of the masturbator, therefor it  can be used to flush water through.
Making for an easy clean up process.




Customer review, amazon
“AMAZING FEELING!!! Those super flexible lips set the standard! As I was backing out, the lips grabbed me behind the head! NOW THAT’S BETTER THAN THE REAL THING!!!” Later, it got a little loose. A drop of liquid band aid to tighten the top of the lips and they’ll grab the back again! MOST AMAZING FEELING!!! I buy one every 6 mos, more sanitary! It’s worth it! That soft,soft,real skin feel! Those lips! Those super flexible lips are the standard!”







Erotic Novels- My honest opinion

Erotic Novels have been around long before “Fifty shades of grey”.


Nothing gets me in the mood more than a good old Erotic novel, every woman/man should read at least one Book in their life time.
Promise you’ll be hooked, Erotica is the romantics pornnovel blog.
There is something so different about reading Erotica rather than watching it on the TV.
It awakens your imagination, excites you in different ways and gets better each time you pick up the book.

Men when purchasing a cheeky gift for your loved one this year, why not add an Erotic novel for your lady to enjoy.
“Thank me later”

Erotica is also great for anyone who can not stand porn or wanting some sexual inspiration.

We have a large range of Erotica to choose from here at Intrigues

Adult store courtesy- Do’s & Don’ts

Lets talk Etiquette.


After working in the Adult retail Industry on and off for the past 6 years, I have seen many things and heard every pick-up line in the book.
Good thing i absolutely love the industry and wouldn’t ever dream of leaving.

I have seen some crazy things the good and bad, but you cant expect to breeze through life expecting nothing bad to ever happen.
But i have decided to write a small list on some of the Do’s & Don’ts of entering an Adult store to make your visit and ours more


  • Ask questions, we are in here to help you and honestly don’t care how silly or wild your question is .
    We’ve probably already heard it before anyway.
  • Take as long as you want, picking a new toy is exciting and definitely worth spending that extra time time scoping out whats best for you.
  • Do bring in your partner/friends. Its more exciting when you have your lover with you.
  • Do try on as many outfits are you please, we have dressing rooms for a reason and love helping you find the sexiest Lingerie.
  • Relax, enjoy talking to your friendly sales assistant and check out all the new goodies that are on the market.
  • Do have a giggle at some of our novelty items, I still find them amusing too.
  • Respect other shoppers, just because you feel comfortable doesn’t mean they do too.
    People don’t come back often if they feel embarrassed or intimated. Help them feel at ease by not being rowdy or crude
  • Have fun and try new things.Don’t
  • Open boxes, If you would like to have a closer look ask your sales assistant.
  • Don’t throw around toys with your friends.
  • Don’t hit on the staff. We are here to help you not tickle your ego
  • Don’t ask for free demo’s or ask how many toys we have at home.
  •  Don’t flash or ask for an opinion on the size of your member.
  • Don’t bring in young children, it is unsettling for shoppers and staff when small children are in the store.
    Yes they may not understand what is on sale but it is still inappropriate and uncomfortable for shoppers.
  • Don’t ask for numbers or if we charge for sexual activities outside of work.
    We on the other hand are more than happy to point you in the right direction for a brothel
  • Don’t touch staff. We all have a personal space bubble, respect it.


How to care for and clean your Adult toys.

Hygiene is the utter most important aspect of using adult toys on either yourself or with a partner!


So you’ve just bought yourself a new toy and boy it wasn’t cheap, obviously you want to care for it and yourself?
Did you know without the right care and use, adult toys can become a health hazard and can start to degrade.
Why spend your pretty pennies on something that you’re not going to look after properly?


Now don’t be alarmed, caring and cleaning your toy is as easy as 1,2,3!

First lets figure out what material your new little friend is made out of?
Silicone, jelly, glass, metal or plastic?
The material is how we determine what lubrication we can use and the correct way to clean the toy.

  • Silicone

    Lelo, toy cleaner

    Use only water-based lubes
    Use a toy cleaner such as the Lelo- Premium cleaning spray for a quick and easy clean up.
    Dont have a toy cleaner on hand? No problem.
    Just use a mild soap and rinse off completely with water.

  • Jelly/PVCUse only water-based lubes
    Same as the silicone either use a toy cleaner or mild soap and water
  • Glass/Metal
    Use any lube you please
    Glass and metal are incredibly hygienic and easy to keep clean and care for.
    mild soap, toy cleaner, some people even use their dish washer ( I don’t recommend this)

Why should I clean my toys before and after each use?
Vaginas and booty’s deserve respect, don’t just go shoving unclean items up there willy-nilly.
One  common causes of Thrush is dirty toys, keep them clean to prevent any nasty UTI’s.
Keeping your toys clean is also a great way to pro-long its life, most toy cleaners work as a “Conditioner” for toys so it will keep the material supple and re-frame from degrading and becoming stick or tacky.

Lets talk about storage, Storing a toy can be a pain in the backside especially if you have children around who like rummaging through your bedroom draws.


Storage sex toy chest

I recommend purchasing a toy chest, a toy chest is a small box with either a lock or code to be able to enter it. 9890-01-black-toy-chest-900x900 It’s a great way to keep away unwanted hands and to keep your toys away from direct sunlight, dust and other germs floating around.

Some people rather have their favorite toy in their bedside table but just think about all the other products  also placed in that draw?
Not really Hygienic…
Toys should be kept away from direct sunlight and kept somewhere cool, clean and dark.





Christmas wish list- Guide to the perfect Gift this year.

Christmas is just around the corner, treat your love to something pleasurable.bright-leaf-lelo-harmony-_6-1

The gift that keeps on giving all year round, ADULT TOYS!!

Put down those sock and Christmas sweater’s, treat your lover to something that will not only please them but you too!
Treating your partner to an Adult toy is not only exciting but can bring you both closer together.
Stumped on what to buy? I have taken the time to write a list of the hottest toys on the market that are worthy off a 10 out of 10!




  • We-vibe 4 plus,
    No Christmas list is complete without everyone’s fav couples vibe.
    The we-vibe is worn during sex and comes with a handy remote so you can
    easily skim through the multiple functions until you find one you both enjoy.
    For more info, click the link below


  • Satisfyer Pro 2,
    Definitely the hottest toy on the win-satisfyer-pro-2-giveawaymarket and rightfully so, your lady will love you for treating her to this absolute gem.
    Treat her to something new, unique and exciting.
    Innovative pressure wave stimulation.


  • Unik Rabbit,
    Every woman needs a rabbit hidden away in their toy chest.l_c0061t6upgbx
    The unik rabbit is my go-to Vibrator due to its beautiful body-safe silicone, rotating shaft & powerful clitoral tickler.

For more info, click the link below




Nookii adult bored game.
Great way for you both to spice up your love life and discover new and exciting things.27279
Highly recommend for couples to have a fun board game put away for a weekend getaway or just a cheeky night in kid free.
For more info, click the link below





The perfect stroke by zero tolerance 
Men need loving too, so why not surprise your man and spice up the average hand-job?masturbator, stroker
Don’t be afraid of strokers, they are a great way for couples to play together.
For more info click the link below



  • Lelo’s Hugo or Bruno
    Definitely for a man who isn’t shy to the wonderful world of prostate massages.cn6qv6iwsaacoiv



Unik Rabbit- The Rabbit vibrator gets a facelift.

Introducing your new bestfriend, The Unik Rabbit !!

Rabbit vibrators have been around for many years and have been a huge hit in the bedroom and on the big screen.
Rabbit vibes got their 5 minutes of fame on the iconic episode of “Sex and the city” where Charlotte became addicted to her rabbit vibe.

Since then Rabbits have been an essential in everyone’s toy box.
Love them or hate them, Rabbits are by far the most common and preferred adult toy on the market.
They are definitely not going anywhere and keep on getting better and better as the years go on.

So whats so great about the Unik Rabbit?
Well unlike most Rabbit vibrators that have the bulky controls, ball bearings in the shaft &
look incredibly outdated and bulky the Unik is a breath of fresh air.

Its sleek design and easy to use controls are definitely a huge plus for myself and most toy user’s.
Nothing worse than fumbling around when you are doing the solo dance.

Now lets get down to Business, why is this toy raved about?,
what makes me so special that i would replace my go to ball bearing Rabbit?

Old and out dated, the exact rabbit featured in sex and the city

Old and out dated, the exact rabbit featured in sex and the city

Lets talk info

  • Unlike most Rabbits, Unik is made from hygienically superior grade silicone.
    meaning this bad boy completely body-safe.
  • Instead of those noisy ball bearings, unik has a whisper quiet rotating shaft with 3 rotation speeds.
  • Is fully waterproof so you aren’t limited to places to play.
    I love it when toys are waterproof, it makes it so much easier to clean.
  • Fully rechargeable, say goodbye to pesky batteries and the disappointment of not having
    the correct batteries on hand.
  • 7 powerful functions- because us woman like variety
  • Of course i cant forget the iconic rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation.


 The thing i love the most about the Unik is the fact you don’t
have to have the rotation and vibration on at the same time.
Some days you just want clitoral stimulation and having that option is huge bonus for me and most woman alike.

How to get her in the mood

How to get her in the mood & give her the big “O”


The most asked question i hear at work is “How do i get my girl in the mood & make her climax?”
Well being a female myself, feel like i have a good knowledge on how we work.images-5
I am sorry if I burst any bubbles but unfortunately just whipping out your member out and expecting her to marvel at you impressive erection  isn’t really going to do the trick…. Sorry
Yes i have unfortunately experienced this on many awkward occasions.

First thing you need to understand is we need FOREPLAY, yes foreplay is a key essential to getting your lady in the mood, and no i don’t mean a quick fondle of the clitoris and jamming in your eager member. Imagine a train going into a tunnel that is too small… Not going to end well is it?
We need to feel desired and teased, Sex isn’t about 5 minutes of bumping and grinding we need to be fully engaged and in the moment.
Don’t fret it isn’t hard to get us girls hot and heavy and i promise you will enjoy it just as much as we do!

Now are you “listening”, I am about to tell you all my secrets on how to get her into the bedroom .

  • Massage oils!
    Massage oils are great, you can instantly relax her and then stafeaturedimages_enherrt teasing
    Massage around her inner thighs, her back, neck and breast. This will awaken her desire to be touched.



  • Tease her!
    Boy, oh boy does this send women crazy.
    lightly restrain her or even better pop a blind fold on too. download-11
    Now for the fun part, tease her by kissing her body, pop ice in your mouth and breath down her stomach and crouch (don’t you dare touch her flower yet boy), use a feather to tickle her nipples or just use you imagination and have fun teasing her body with different textures and temperatures. This will awaken her whole body and she will be itching for you to come closer.


  • The art of cunnilingus cina6dcxiaqoksm
    So you’ve teased her, she is going crazy and wants you to just touch her already…
    Sorry but you’ve got a little bit more left until you give in to her wishes.
    Good head isn’t hard to achieve and with enough practice you can become a pro of cunnilingus!
    Again its all about anticipation , kiss her delicate flower and treat it with the respect it deserves, don’t just attack the clitoris and expect her to climax. The clitoris is incredibly sensitive and too much at once can be incredibly uncomfortable.Start slow and listen to her moan, if she is enjoying it trust me you will know!!


  • Now its your turn right??
    If she isn’t begging for your eager member by now then you haven’t “listened”


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